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Organic Sea Salt Scrub 

Detoxifying and renewing, this scrub mixes minerals and nutrients for a head-to-toe exfoliation that stimulates circulation and improves skin texture and tone.


Coconut Sugar Scrub

A full body refreshing Coconut Sugar Scrub from Èminence Organics followed by a light massage with the Coconut Firming Body Lotion.


Hydrating Heat Wrap

A nutrient-rich wrap with essential oils is applied after a light brushing to hydrate and renew your skin. This relaxing treatment includes a scalp treatment and upper body massage.


Rain Drop Therapy

Raindrop therapy technique is powerful yet gentle. It involves healing through etheric and physical bodies by dropping a synergistic combination of nine therapeutic grade essential oil blends directly onto and around the spine. It helps with spinal inflammation, killing viruses, and brings the body back into balance. The benefits you receive during the treatment continue to work into the body for a week or more following the treatment.


Back Treatment

Removes impurities and cleanses the back, in those hard to reach places. This treatment is great for acne prone or congested skin. Includes; exfoliation, massage, and an appropriate masque.


Teeth Whitening

Spa White